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This applet requires Java in order to play. If you do not see the game's window, please click here to download Java from Sun Microsystems. Then reload this page once Java is installed.

Welcome to the Jelly-Pop Smack review page, where you can try out the trial-version of Jelly-Pop Smack on your personal computer.

NOTE: Using your mouse, left-click on the game screen if the controls do not respond.

How to play:

Use Padil to bounce Bauble up. Avoid letting Bauble fall to the ground. Use Bauble to destroy Jellies.

The objective:

Destroy a specified number of Jellies in order to advance to the next level. Or, destroy all Portal Stones (if possible).

Lose conditions:

Game ends if a certain amount of Jellies fill the screen, or if Bauble touches the ground when there is no energy in the energy gauge.

Special Rules: