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Who we are:

The Hairball Games team comes from a diverse, technical background, from programmers who developed experimental programs for mainframe technologies to artists and game designers who have focused their studies on game design theory and applied that knowledge in the field. Through a series of events, we have come together to combine our variety of skills toward a common goal.


Our experience:

The programming team has extensive knowledge of C++ and Java and have applied that knowledge countless times in the industry. The team has acquired full mastery of Symbian OS and J2ME and can create toolsets and libraries should the need arise.

Our art and design team have earned degrees in computer arts and game design and theory. Members of the team have also spent a number of years working in the artistic and design aspects of the video game industry, taking part on a large handful of published titles.


Our mission:

At Hairball Games, we realized early on that, combined as a whole, our team's skills are well suited towards making games for the ever-expanding cell phone and PDA market. Our programmers' experiences dealt heavily with resource and processor management while dealing with strict hardware limitations, and the design team, through experience and training, understands the obvious and subtle techniques and theories involved in video game creation.

Our goal at Hairball Games is to gradually expand into self-publishing of downloadable game content for portable devices. The development team developed a variety of techniques to create games without creating impractically large files. This is especially important given a portable device's limited hard-disk size, processor speed, and download speed. All the while, user-handling, visual quality, design and game pacing are maintained. By self-publishing using these methods, expenses become greatly reduced considering this strategy bypasses a number of publishing avenues that normally constitute a sizable percentage of a project's cost, such as shipping and manufacture of physical storage devices.